Learning a Second Language can Change Your Life

When I first enunciated English alphabets, I never imagined that I would be a student in one of the universities in the United States of America and will write an article for its university newspaper. Having the Nepali language as a mother tongue, I would not have been able to achieve this fate had I not known the English language.

If you are excited about new culture and practices, just like me, then you should definitely learn the second language. I have been to my neighboring country, India, twice: First, when I was 12 and didn’t know Hindi (most commonly spoken language in India); second when I was 16 and was fluent in Hindi. In my first visit, I went to the places where my parents took me and procured the information that a guide told us. I, however, in my second visit, could communicate with local people and street vendors in their own language. Knowing their language, I could initiate a chat, which turned into a talk, and ultimately into a deep conversation. In my latter visit, I was able to immerse myself in their culture and observe things from their perspective as the subtleties were not lost in the waves of language translation. From these two visits to India, I learned that to deeply know and embrace a new culture, there is no substitution to learning their language.

The best part is learning the second language is its fun. You make new friends. Syllable and letters that look scary and sound funny at first will ultimately change your way of looking at things.
In today’s world where the competition is extremely fierce, knowing multiple languages is sure to keep you ahead of the crowd. Irrespective of any field, world renown companies have already franchised their business in different parts of the world. So, knowing second languages is beneficial for a successful career.

It has been almost six months that I have been in Monroe, and I have met international students from other countries whose first language is not English. Meeting such people fills me with the desire to learn all the languages in the world. I am planning to learn Spanish by the time I complete my undergraduate degree at ULM, and this is something that I would like to recommend all: Decide to learn any second language today, and it is going to be the best decisions in your life.



"Hi. Finally, the super-busy-American-guy has some time for me."

"American? LOL! We talked like the day before yesterday. You are acting as though I am texting you after a month :D"

"I sent you a text yesterday...and you did not responded even after seeing it."

"did not respond* LOL :p :D"

":@ :@ GO TO HELL!!!!!"

"See, I have like an hour right now...so do not go offline like you did a few days ago. I was just pulling your leg."

"Okay...you know I have never been as good as you in English.  Had I been brilliant in English, I would have been studying in the USA just like you...not here in Nepal ;)"

"I see what you just tried to do there with the use of conditionals :D :D"

"Leave it...tell me why did not you text me yesterday."

"I was taking a class. I have texted you back now as I am free. I never avoid people, you know me, right? On the top of that, it's you, I would never do that!"

"I know...it has just been two days, but we used to talk every day...sometimes even twice or thrice a day. I was missing you a lot, and since you did not reply even after seeing the message, I kinda felt bad."

"I have 4 classes on Tuesday and had multiple assignments to complete. The schedule is really busy here; I have kept everything on google calendar just to remind me of my things."

"I know. New place, new people, new academic practice, I understand...I am just letting you know what I felt."

"I am free right now, and I am hitting you before I have looked into mamu's and baba's messages."

"Ohhh! Choo swetttt!!"

"Stop that, please. You know I hate when somebody texts me like that."

"Haha okay...I love to get on your nerves."

"Very funny...BTW, there was this blonde, who was checking me out in the library this morning."

"Stop bluffing hero. Tell me how are you? Do you even miss me?"


"Oh hello! This is not one-word answer question. Answer like you really mean it man."

"You want me to be honest?"

"Wait what! So, you do not even miss me?"

"Not a day goes by when I do not think about you...once, twice, thrice a day, or even more...I do not know. Distance is what makes you feel the importance of family and all those special people you have in your life. I obviously think of you, but I do not miss you. Let me put it this way: I would like to say I am focused at this moment; I was prepared for it. This is what I wanted so badly: to study in America, you know that right, don't you? Also, I am coming back to Nepal after my education, and we two will be the same like we were before."

"The way you put things into words, how can anyone disagree with you?"

"haha...if you are in right place, we can have a video chat."

"Not right now. I am in a car."

"Okay. But where you going?"

"To watch a movie."

"You used to tell me everything that you were about to do before-hand..but now?...See, I am not complaining, okay? But still....let me take your words: I am just letting you know how I felt ;)"

"So, now you realize how I felt when you ignored my message yesterday. BTW, I am not busy like you :p...I was about to let you know about it yesterday. Since, I did not hear(LOL was about to type heard here :D But, thanks to you grammar police) back from you, I thought you were busy, so did not tell you the details."

"Okay...who are you going with?"

"Aayush ;)"

"I am going to call baba and let him know about your boyfriend. I am in America, and you have nothing to bribe me now!"

"LOL. Do you want me to tell our parents about your apparent "school friend" that you spent the entire day with, in Garden of Dreams, a day before your flight to America? Huh?"

"Okay. I take my words back. As always, what we talk about, stays between us, right? ;)"

"That sounds like my good younger brother."


"Okay, we have reached the hall. GTG...lets have a video chat tomorrow, what say?"

"Okay. Bye...enjoy the movie, and say my "hello" to Aayush."

"He says "hi" too. Bye...take care."

A Superwoman in Rickshaw

It was yet another lethargic day for me. To kill time, I was going through all the images on my mobile, and I came to halt on this particular image. People from my camaraderie are often bewildered by the picture of this lady on my phone. My lips, however, cannot help but curve to smile every time I tell the story about this picture. Well, I can vividly recall the day I had taken this picture: 18th March 2017. In addition to the encounter with this woman on that very day, 18th  March is the following day of my birthday, so, I believe I am never going to forget this day. I had posted the story of this woman on my Facebook account on that particular day, which was even featured on the website of Our Biratnagar, an online magazine of Biratnagar. On witnessing this picture again on my phone today, I could not stop myself from logging into my blog to unfold the story in words.

It was Saturday, around 4 in the noon. I was on my way back home in this lady's electric-rickshaw from Mahendra Chowk, Biratnagar, after attending the regular Saturday session of Speakers' Corner. Well, let me shed some light into wonderful Speaker's Corner: It is a two-hour session conducted every Saturday in a systematic way to enhance English speaking kills. If you are reading this, and you happen to be the resident of Biratnagar currently then attend this program. You will thank me later.

No further digressions now, I promise. So, I was on my way to home in this city safari, bumping as the rickshaw made its way along the highway of Biratnagar that was under reconstruction. I was alone, and I kept it to myself, self-reflecting on the session of Speaker's Corner. I wanted to get home home as quickly as  possible to enjoy Saturday's action of Premier League football. We were in Kanchanbari Chowk, few meters short of my destination, that this lady abruptly stopped the rickshaw. My intuitive reaction was that she must have spotted some passengers waving at her to stop. I, however, was astonished to she her get off the rickshaw, and help an old man get across the road of busy Kanchanbari, Chowk. Well, I was there in the backseat witnessing this sight, and to be honest, I was, to some extend drenched in shame. I was quick to compose myself and click a photo as she made her way back to me after helping the man cross the road.

In the contemporary world where people are either busying keeping their eyes locked on their mobile screen or minding their own business, what she did was extremely rare these days and an amazing action to earn respect from any individual, I told her. No later had she told me that she had driven old and poor people free of cost than we reached my destination. As I paid her the fare I asked her if I could take her picture, which she happily agreed. I was so mesmerized by her action that it was few minutes after that I realized I had forgotten to ask her name. Nevertheless, even today when I hear the word "inspiration," I reminisce about her. It has been 4 months, and 10 days since that incident, but I have not seen her again. I am sure that she must be influencing her passengers and people around her on daily basis, in one way or the other, for you cannot conceal the light coming from the sun, can you?

Pursuit of My Soulmate

"It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you." It was exactly 21 days, 14 hours, and 48 minutes ago that I had nicked this dialogue from the famous romantic movie "Fault in Our Stars" to break the ice with her. 3 days later, our status on Facebook changed to "In a relationship." For the next few days, she tagged me in her lovey-dovey posts, and like a loving and caring boyfriend on Mark Zuckerberg's money printing social site, I dutifully replied "So sweet baby, muaah :-*" Furthermore, there was this son of a fat cat in my college whom girls used to die to talk with. Over and above being filthy affluent, he was graced with a tempting body, good looks, and swag; to be honest, he had everything I had wished for. This guy, whom I used to stalk every day on Facebook, used to comment some abbreviations on his girlfriend's status update that I had no clue of. Since he was the coolest guy I knew, I had tried to imitate him, and hence had copied his words to comment on my girlfriend's post. And guess what! Those "LYSM" and "ILYM" would carry my girl over the moon.

Little did I know my first love would desert feelings, which I was certain she had for me, in just 3 weeks for a guy who looked no younger than Morgan Freeman or Diego Costa ever did. This son of a beyatch was a senior in my college and had recently bought a brand new Suzuki Gixer. Moreover, one of my classmates told me that this was the guy my girl tied Rakhi last year.

"She does not deserve you," I told myself dryly.

By the way, I am Nimesh, 20 years of age, and I am 6 feet tall. Despite my good height, I am extremely lean. I lack self-esteem being a tall lanky guy. Mega Mass, red buff meat with beer, my mom's herbs, abstinence from masturbation, you name it, there is nothing that I have not ventured to gain some body mass. But there is something about my hair. Not that anyone has extolled me about my black dense hairs, but I am obsessed with them. Mohawk, Cowclick, Pompadour, Comb Over, I was able to style my hair in every trending ways. I had the feeling that this girl, whose name I do not intend to disclose,  must have fallen for my hairs.

Allow me to let you peek more about me: I was a wanderer like those clouds in the sky. I was content being single until I came across this post on a Facebook page: Sarcasm. The post read "Did you know? If you don't get a girlfriend before 21, you will die single." I was 8 months away from turning 21, and I had been single all my life. I started having nightmares after witnessing that post. That post aroused me to fall deeply and madly in love. And hence the onset of the pursuit of my soulmate was commenced. To prepare myself, I started watching many videos about "How to approach girls?" "Ways to get a girlfriend" on YouTube and memorized many pick up lines. After all these hard work, I succeeded in wooing this girl, whom I thought to be my soulmate; one I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I had even planned the names of our children. However, my first love lasted for only three weeks, despite being her sycophant. Deep down my heart, I had renounced that I would never fall for another girl again.

A few days later after my break up, I happened to be on a bus, returning home, ruminating many melancholic thoughts of my relationship. When I had stepped inside the bus, "Kale Dai" song was being played. To exacerbate my sobbing heart, the next song that played was Narayan Gopal's Euta Manche ko Maya le Kati.

"Think about Romeo & Juliet, Jack and Rose in Titanic, Bajirao & Mustani, and even our Dayahang dai in Kabaddi franchise. True love stories are destined for a tragic end," I consoled myself.

The tragic-I was engulfed by my own gloomy thoughts. Into the bus came a girl. She took a seat at the back of driver's that faced backward. She sat with her leg crossed, and like most of us, she started using her smartphone. What do I say about this girl? My jaw dropped, eyes got bigger, and my heart started beating faster with just a glimpse of her. The cool breeze from window fanned her elongated black curls at times that simply ameliorated her divine beauty; few of her hairs swung forward to peck her eyebrows, and she gently tucked them into the back of her ears. Oh Boy! I was as though I was falling in a quicksand on witnessing this sight. No sooner had I looked into her esoteric eyes, those brown coffee beaned eyes than I realized I was in L-O-V-E for the second time in my life; her eyes made the acknowledgment so lucid. I had heard time was a great healer, but I had no idea that I would recover so soon. My heartache was gone within some seconds. This certainly had to be her spell. Or perhaps I am opening a Pandora's box, the thought struck me. But she was worth the risk, or should I say she was so tempting that I preferred falling into an abyss of her rather than forgoing the temptation? So, yes, I was in love all over again and that too at the first sight of this girl, which before few minutes was just a myth for me.

I kept gazing at her, scrutinizing every possible detail. And by this time it was Bollywood number "Tujhe jo maine dekha" that was playing.

"No wonder music is human's best friend," I told myself.

I inferred she was probably in her early twenties, a few years elder than I was. But one great person had rightly said love sees no age, and age is just a number. I continued admiring this prepossessing treasure without a blink. Perhaps it was the heat, she took a bottle of water from her handbag and started drinking. In the meantime, the bus drove over a shallow ditch to trickle some water drops down her pink lips...which reminded me of my Bollywood crush Katrina Kaif in the advertisement of Mango Slice. The way she drank water was more magnetizing than Katrina savoring those ripen mangoes in that advertisement. I even noticed a protruded canine of her. Initially, I thought that only our Rashtriya Bhauju - Swastima Khadka - would look cute with such flaws. But she looked even cuter than Swastima. Clearly, this girl was creating some stir in my heart. No doubt she was my soulmate.

All of a sudden, our eyes met, and she catapulted an are-you-checking-me-out expression at me. I quickly pretended to look out of the window. No way I was going to stifle beholding my soulmate, I, however, could not aggravate the ambiance by staring at her awkwardly. I did not want to be an imbecile for her, which I was in real life.  My eyes then landed on my sunglass that was suspending on the button of my newly bought shirt. Only then did I realize my shades were there for my rescue. So, guys never forget to wear sunglasses when you are out, never!

I wished I could have exchanged few words with her. But I had no courage to talk to a person, and that too a girl, I had no proximity with. Suddenly, I felt a fire burning in my stomach with a desire to talk to her, only to realize it was acidity when I burped. "These things only happen in films, you idiot," I told myself.

Then the thing happened that I was most scared of: The bus came to halt at the bus park. Passengers started to make their way out of the bus, so did she. Before I could approach her, she got into a cab and drove off. I thought of following her in a taxi, however, I had squandered my last 500 rupees to sponsor a kiss by taking my ex-soulmate in a super extravagant cafe just for two cups of coffee. Nonetheless, that was an investment in my last relationship that I had no regret on. Hence, I saw her recede in her cab until she was out of my sight.

"When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to reach his dream," I said this inspiring lines from Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist" to myself, with the hope of encountering my soulmate again. So, I started humming and promenading towards my home.

Indeed Paulo Coelho is true with his words. You will not believe what happened when I reached home; it was something that I had not anticipated. In our living room, there was this girl, my soulmate. Yes, the girl I met on the bus a few minutes earlier, sitting on a couch and watching fishes in our aquarium. Let me confess this: I wanted to do Muskan Pasa's signature dancing steps at that moment. She looked at me with her eyes, those esoteric eyes.

I was about to introduce myself just then my mom stepped in from the kitchen and said, "My boy, Nimesh, you are home. Meet your cousin Disha, and please, greet her by touching her feet."

Day Long Travelling Destinations in Eastern Nepal

Eastern region embraces Mount Everest, the world's highest summit, along with other snow-capped peaks like Kanchanjunga, and Makalu. This region incorporates 3 zones and 16 districts of Nepal. This 28,456 sq. km area has many captivating and charming places that requires multiple days of exploration. If you are intrigued by wanderlust in spite of your hectic schedule, here are the places, which can be easily explored and relished in a day from almost every nook and corner of  Eastern Nepal.

Picture credit: OnlinePurbanchal.com

Betana wetland is situated at a walking distance from Belbari, Morang; and is situated beside Mahendra Highway, making it very accessible. It is surrounded by tall trees, specially Saal. Within the short time of its establishment, Betana Wetland has been one of the popular picnic destinations. Splendid forest view, the reflection of trees in still water, cool breeze, the large school of fresh fishes, Betana can fascinate anyone visiting there. As for amenities, there are picnic spots, small motels, boating, and parking spots. There are specific fees for entrance, boating, and picnic.

Picture Credit: Himalayan News

Rested at 1420 meters above sea level, Bhedetar is a beautiful hilltop situated in Dhankuta district. People from Terai mostly visit Bhedetar to escape from the sweltering sun and all the noises. Cool climate, in addition to a mesmerizing view of snakes like roads, the panorama of hills, fog, mist,  Mt. Everest, and Mt. Makalu, can captivate anyone. Paragliding is another pull factor of Bhedetar. Bhedetar offers brilliant locations for short walk and trekking within its outskirts.

Picture Credit: Nepal Info

Undoubtedly, Dharan has to be the most beautiful city of Eastern Nepal. Dharan serves as the bridge for Hilly region and Terai region. Dharan is surrounded by hills in three directions, which are popular hiking routes. These hills of an ers exquisite view of Dharan. Pindeshwar Temple, Dantakali Temple, Buddha Subba, Pancha Kanya are the temples of historical and archeological importance as much as religious.  Bhedetar-Dharan route is extremely popular for cycling. Top notch amenities are available in Dharan.

Picture Credit: compute.info

 Domukha is few kilometers drive towards north from Maidhar, Jhapa. It is among the popular picnic spot and sightseeing destination in Eastern Nepal. Domukha is a gorge between two small green hills. There are few houses and restaurants around Domukha. Mouth watering fishes available in Domukha River are simply not to be missed by anyone visiting there. Though it is a beautiful location for picnic, there is no provision of camping and overnight stay.

Picture Credit: The Himalayan Times

Jamunkhadi extends in an area of 10 hectors. It is a wetland area protected within a community forest. It is situated in Kankai Jhapa, and is few kilometers north from Mahendra Highway. It is also very popular as picnic destination. Like other wetland, boating is available here. In addition to this, there is a small amusement area for children. A small zoo that protects different species of birds and reptiles is within Janmunkhadai wetland. At its entrance are hotels and stalls loaded with drinks and varieties of food.

Picture Credit: www.illamonline.com

Kanyam is located in hilly district Illam. It is few hours drive towards the north from Birtamod, Jhapa. Kanyam is extremely popular for its picturesque tea garden. A road, connecting Terai to Mountains, runs across Kanyam. Stunning view of tea garden and its surrounding is sure to mesmerize any spectator. Like other locations mentioned above, Kanyam is also popular as a picnic destination. Horse ride is also available here. Choti Pathivara is a popular temple of great religious importance within some minutes walk up hill from Kanyam. Good motels are available in Kanyam.


Picture Credit: LamaKarma.net

Koshi Tappu lies on the floodplain of Sapta Koshi River. It is around three kilometers north of Mahendra Highway. It is affluent with 514 species of plants and 502 species of birds. Wild water buffalo, elephant, gharial crocodile, dolphin are the notable animals found here. It the most famous destination in Nepal for bird watching. Boating, rafting, fishing, elephant riding, picnic are the major recreational activities allowed in this reserve. In addition to this, viewing life around reserve on foot is equally interesting. Tharus, the early inhabitants of the region, live here. They have unique way of living, untouched by the western world. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp can be a very luxurious way for someone looking to explore this reserve. To know more about this camp click here.

Picture Credit: Wikipedia

This 80 meters high water fall is in Dhankuta. It is 15 minutes pathway walk away from Dharan-Dhankuta Highway. Someone who loves hiking can start their journey from Bhedetar as it is just 8 kilometers away. The pathway is amidst jungle. Every step on this somewhat difficult pathway is worth-while with rocks, cascades of Namaste Jharana, and beautiful sightseeing. The echo of sound of this fall splashing the rocks is sure to captivate anyone who beholds this namaste shaped water fall.

Picture Credit: Magic Nepal Adventures Pvt. Ltd.

Despite being 5 kilometers away from Bhedetar, Namje is still unheard place to many people. Though it can be easily reached within a couple of minutes drive from Bhedetar, there is a footpath, which was used by local people before it was linked with road, which makes trekking to this place extremely enjoyable. Namje is a small remote village. Home stay is offered by most of the local homes, most of which are of Magars, at super cheap rate. One can catch the stunning view of sunset and sunrise from the hill that surrounds Namje. On a clear day, one can easy witness the astonishing view of mountains. Similarly, one can grab a view of Bhedetar, Dharan, Koshi river from there. Aatma Ghar, a beautiful sacred burial site made up of stones, on the top of Thumi Hill is worth visiting and offers amazing sightseeing.